Four Seasons/Three Graces

Antonio Vivaldi and Carolyn Yarnell

What if "The Four Seasons", one of the most popular pieces of all time, wasn't an original composition but an arrangement of a lost original? What if Vivaldi had scored his most famous work for a mixed chamber ensemble with violin, flute, and oboe, before reworking it for traditional string orchestra, as he did with "Il Gardellino", "La Tempesta di Mare", and other concertos? Arranged by House of Time’s own Gonzalo X. Ruiz, this colorful reconstruction of this speculative original presents Vivaldi's naturalistic masterpiece as you've never heard it before. From singing birds to babbling brooks and barking dogs, from summer storms to wintry winds, the seasons come alive in this new chamber setting. Carolyn Yarnell's riveting "Three Graces" is a savage and beautiful musical portrait of three strong women who shaped her childhood in the Sierra Nevada. Commissioned by Gonzalo X. Ruiz and guest flutist Stephen Schultz, it earned them the 2000 ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming.

Imaginary Theater

Some of the most exciting and vivid music of the Baroque was written for the opera stage. House of Time features instrumental gems by Handel and Rameau, the greatest composers of Italian and French opera in new arrangements including the rarely heard Zaïs by Gonzalo X. Ruiz. The daring, impressionistic overture depicts the creation of the world, proceeding from chaos to order, while the dances that follow present the kaleidoscopic world of 18th century ballet music through the lens of Rameau’s colorful wit. In Il Pastor Fido (The Faithful Shepherd), Handel summons a vision of the Arcadian ideal. From the stately overture to the thrilling concerto-like movements and pastoral dances, this sublime music carries us from the court to the countryside and back. Rounding out this unique program are Rameau’s Piéce de Clavecin in Cm, one of the masterpieces of French Baroque chamber music and a direct predecessor of the Classical piano trio, and Handel’s own harpsichord arrangement of music from Rinaldo, including Lascia ch’io pianga, perhaps the most beloved of his countless arias.


The Father, The Son, and The Godfather

J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach and Telemann

featuring a musical exploration of an extended family of geniuses: Johann Sebastian Bach, his son Carl Philipp Emanuel, and Georg Philipp Telemann, the elder Bach's friend and CPE's godfather. You'll hear sublime and intricate chamber music by JS Bach, the beloved Trio in G Minor for Oboe and Violin as well as solo fantasias by Telemann, and the witty Sanguineus et Melancholicus by the younger Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. 

Transalpine Journey

Music of Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Biber

 ...a wild ride from Scarlatti's Naples, through Vivaldi's Venice, and over the Alps for an extended stay with the master of crazy violin techniques, Biber! Highlights include Vivaldi's beautiful oboe concerto in D, his stunning "Damnation Sonata", written for the Dresden virtuoso Christoph Richters, and the baroque'n roll madness of his variations on "La Folia".

Transcendent Bach

Exploring Bach's Sonatas

Scholars have long supposed that many chamber works were among the hundreds of lost works by Bach and House of Time brings this speculation vividly to life. This exciting program features House of Time's arrangement of one of the organ trios as well as one his only three surviving original trios. The sonata in E minor for violin and continuo, an obbligato harpsichord sonata long thought to be for oboe, the monumental Ciaccona for solo violin and the Toccata in C minor round out a compelling imaginary night of chamber music at the Bach household.

Impressions of Paris

Handel, Couperin, Bach, Telemann

The elegance of the French Baroque style spills far beyond its borders as masterpieces by Couperin and Jaquet de La Guerre share the stage with French influenced works by the titans of the early 18th century.

Indoor Fireworks

Thrills from Handel and Purcell’s England including our racy version of the Fireworks Music 

Sparks fly as the group takes you to baroque London thanks to a new version of Handel's Fireworks Music by Juilliard professor, Gonzalo X. Ruiz. Experience -- through House of Time's rapturous performance of Handel's masterwork as well as period pieces by Purcell, Matteis and Sammartini-- the moment when London became a cultural capital of Europe. From the grandeur of the Fireworks to the intimacy of Purcell's Restoration-era gems, this program will transport and delight.

Mozart in Prague

His home away from home!  Works by Reicha, Krommer, and Mozart

The Bohemian "City of a Hundred Spires" had a profound influence on Mozart in his later years. Prague gave his "Figaro" the reception it deserved, but didn't have in Vienna, so he traveled there to compose and premiere his next opera. House of Time presents a program inspired by this historic sojourn, including a rare 18th century arrangement of the overture to "Don Giovanni", which according to local lore, Mozart had to be forcibly locked in his room to finish before opening night. Also included is the brooding "Adagio and Fugue" in C minor K.546, the ever popular and virtuosic Oboe Quartet in F major, and the gorgeous "Adagio for English Horn" K. 580, along with works by his Bohemian contemporaries: "Variations on a Czech Folk Song" by Krommer, and Anton Reicha's great last work, the Oboe Quintet Op. 108.


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