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Past Programs 2013-2015


Telemann and the Italians 

April 22 and 23, 2015

the whimsy of Castello, the elegance of Corelli, 

and Telemann’s inimitable imitations


"Telemann and the Italians" brings alive rich and colorful music of seventeenth century Italy, from the exotic and unpredictable Castello, and Vivaldi's stellar predecessor Legrenzi, to the international sensation of Corelli's trios and sonatas. Their music influenced the towering German genius, who wrote many concerti in his day for combinations of instruments, including one for the recorder, oboe, and violin, which will be performed with guest, Martin Bernstein, the young teenager recorder virtuoso.

Mozart in Prague

February 18 and 19, 2015

his home away from home! 

works by Reicha, Krommer, and Mozart

After a successful jaunt to baroque London in the fall, the group takes you to 18th century Bohemia in Mozart and Prague. The program for oboe and strings includes not only a rare setting of Mozart's Don Giovanni, but his brooding Adagio and Fugue in C minor and exuberant Quartet for Oboe and Strings as well as works by Bohemian composers Reicha and Krommer. 

Indoor Fireworks

November 20, 2014

thrills from Handel and Purcell’s England including 

our racy version of the Fireworks Music 

Sparks fly as the group takes you to baroque London thanks to a new version of Handel's Fireworks Music by Juilliard professor, Gonzalo X. Ruiz. Experience -- through House of Time's rapturous performance of Handel's masterwork as well as period pieces by Purcell, Matteis and Sammartini-- the moment when London became a cultural capital of Europe. From the grandeur of the Fireworks to the intimacy of Purcell's Restoration-era gems, this program will transport and delight.

Re-Creation and Apotheosis 

September 24 and 25, 2014

we climb the summit of the French Baroque 

with Couperin's Apotheose di Lulli and Leclair's Recreation de Musique




On the program, François Couperin's masterful Apotheose de Lully, depicting the famed composer's arrival at Parnassus with vivid music and witty narration. The program also includes Leclair's Deuxiéme Recreation de Musique, an epic re-imagining of the classic French dance suite that includes one of the greatest chaconnes in the repertoire.

Transcendent Bach

April 9 and 10, 2014

Exploring Bach's Sonatas 

Scholars have long supposed that many chamber works were among the hundreds of lost works by Bach and House of Time brings this speculation vividly to life. This exciting program features House of Time's arrangement of one of the organ trios as well as one his only three surviving original trios. The sonata in E minor for violin and continuo, an obbligato harpsichord sonata long thought to be for oboe, the monumental Ciaccona for solo violin and the Toccata in C minor round out a compelling imaginary night of chamber music at the Bach household.

Rustic Elegance

December 11, 2013

Virtuosic violin and viola da gamba music from the Kromeriz court 

As the 17th century stylus phantasticus was becoming ever popular in Venice and Rome, a burst of virtuosic violin music was popping up everywhere.  Coined by Athanasius Kircher, it, ‘the most free and unrestrained method of composing, bound to nothing." In 17th century Moravia, during the reign of Prince-Bishop Carl Liechtenstein-Castelcorn, Kromeriz housed one of the biggest collections of music from central and east central Europe. This program will explore well-known gems of the 17th century Baroque by Biber, Bertali, and Muffat as well as recently discovered anonymous works.

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